All you need to know about garden Euphorbias and the Plant Heritage National Collection of Hardy Euphorbias.

Euphorbia polychroma 'Midas'

Euphorbia polychroma 'Midas'

This web site is designed to inform readers about the delights of Euphorbias in the garden, and the great variety available to gardeners. It contains information relating to my National Collection. It also gives information on the talks I give to groups. If you wish to book a talk go to the lectures page.

Plant Heritage National Collection of Hardy Euphorbias

The collection currently consists of 124 different species and cultivars. It is contained in 13 island beds mixed with other hardy herbaceous perennials. Beds are surrounded by paths and are mainly in full sun. Some plants are also displayed in pots and containers. Individual Euphorbia plants are labelled, whilst all plants are labelled on sketch maps which are available when viewing. The collection is grown at Firvale allotment gardens on the southern edge of the village of Harthill. The collection can be viewed by appointment from March to July. Admission is £3.00 and proceeds will be donated to the National Gardens Scheme.

Visitors Book Quotes

"Euphorbia heaven!!!" - K.Y. (Kawasaki, Japan)

"After your fantastic talk, had to come and see your collection for ourselves. Wonderful." - R. and N.P. (Fareham, Hampshire)

"The most lovely Euphorbias in the world! Thank you so much for letting us film them." - S.S. (BBC TV London)

"What a brilliant garden visit." - M.C. (Upton, Oxon)

"An amazing collection - it's given me inspiration. Will definitely try to grow them in South Africa." - S. and M.S. (Gauteng, South Africa)

"Well worth the long journey" - M. and H.J. (Crosmont, Monmouthshire)

"A prime example of a National Collection. Just as it should be. Congratulations." - G.S. (Nottingham)

"A lovely garden - and you're a great lecturer too!" - W. Garden Club (Scunthorpe)

BBC Gardeners’ World visit the collection

Carol Kline and the Gardeners’ World team spend the day filming the Euphorbias for the BBC TV programme. Broadcast date was Friday 27th April 2012.